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It is not possible to book a stay at Danhostel Køge in 2022


Due to the unfortunate situation in Ukraine, Denmark is under great pressure from displaced Ukrainian refugees.

At the beginning of the war, the government expected approx. 20,000 Ukrainians to Denmark. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Integration has since adjusted this figure so that there may be a risk of up to 40,000 refugees.

Køge municipality has a duty to house 1% of all these refugees. In order for this to possible, Køge municipality has had to make some difficult decisions.

One of these decisions is to include Danhostel Køge's facilities.

Køge Municipality owns and is responsible for the operation of Danhostel Køge, therefore Danhostel Køge will in future function as a reception center for Ukrainian refugees.


We refer to Køge's other great accommodation options, see www.visitkoege.dk


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Danhostel Køge offers quality accommodation incl. linen package, some rooms with private bathrooms, and some with shared bathrooms. Free wireless internet and an excellent breakfast buffet. Our hostel is located 2 km from the train station and the city center. This is the perfect starting point when traveling to Copenhagen and Zealand


Stay at DANHOSTEL Køge and get free admission to:

Køge Svømmeland: A modern swimmingcenter with swimming pool, baby pool, wading pool, water slide, Jacuzzi, gym, cafe.
The Swimmingcenter is locaded 2 km from the hostel

Køge Museeum

KØS Køge Sketch Collection by Bjørn Nørgaard.




What is coronapas? (1 of the following 3 options must be met to have a corona pass)


• A negative covid-19 test performed a maximum of 72 hours before arrival at Danhostel Køge. The test can be performed both as a PCR test and an antigen test (quick test).


A positive covid-19 test that is at least 14 days old and at most 180 days old.


• A completed vaccination course against coronavirus / covid-19. A vaccination course is considered completed 14 days after the final dose.


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Opening hours

The hostel is open all year, except for the christmas holidays
in the period 22.12.21 to 03.01.22 the hostel is closed

Opening hours in the reception:
All week: 8:00 am - 12:00 noon 

Our phone number: +45 61181203
All week: 8:00 am - 12:00 noon

Check in after opening hours  only by agreement with the reception.
On the day of departure; check out time is at 10 am

Onlinebooking is only open between 8 am to 4pm for arrivals the same day, please make your booking


Dog and other pets is not allowed to stay at the hostel