Dear Guest

In order for all guests to have a pleasant stay, we have a few house rules

Al traffic are to be proceeded with the out must care – we have many children playing on the property

Between the hours of 11pm-7am there must be quite in the hall ways and common areas All arrival and departures in these hours is to be done as silent as possible

The use of common areas is without disturbing other guests and the common areas is left as you wish to find the them. Ex cleaning after yourself in the guest kitchen, taking out the trash, play areas are tidy and the rooms ready for cleaning.

Bed linen package with one towle is included in the price of the room and must be used


It´s NOT permitted to:

Smoke inside

Use of sleeping bags, your own bed linen or to sleep without bed sheet, pillow- and duvet covers.

Please remove the bed linen from the beds and place it in the linen basket by the 1.floor stairs or in the reception.

To kook or eat food in the room – please use the guest kitchen and eating areas

To drink large amounts of alcohol or to be visible under the influence of alcohol.


Thanks for your understanding