The Viking castle named “Borgring”

In 2014, archaeologists found a forgotten Viking castle.
Now archaeologists returned to excavate the Viking castle, and you can follow the excavation closely.
On Wednesday 1/6-2016 opens the excavation of the mighty castle for the public 
Come and see:


The way, in which we present the enormous ring castle, will help you imagine just how impressive a construction it was. You will not merely encounter a hole in the ground, but a spectacular monument to one of the largest constructions of the Viking age

360* video

Join us on a 360-degree video tour of the world of archaeology and the Viking age. Guests are not usually permitted to enter the excavations, but our app will give you the feeling of experiencing them first hand.

Virtual reality experience

Included in the price of your ticket is a pair of compact Virtual Reality glasses for your mobile telephone. These glasses will give you the sense that the Borgring Viking Castle is suddenly right in front of you. We have recreated the ring Castle for you, so you can travel back in time and take a look around.

Discoveries from the Viking age

In the container center, you can see an exhibition of beautiful and rare artefacts from the Viking age. In our smartphone app, archaeologist Jens will tell you you about the objects, all of which were discovered close to the Viking Castle


Further information on the homepage Vikingeborgen.en



What to see

As a tourist in Køge you will find everything you need;
History, atmosphere and milieu. On the same time you will find a dynamic municipality, which is in progress on many different areas.
In the municipality of Køge, it has been a tradition for many years, for the town council to pursue a town planning politic that preserved the old city.
This is why the very beautiful Middle Ages city, Køge, has a gentle restored city milieu; a rare atmosphere with the aroma of centuries and a gorgeous square, witch is one of the best preserved middle ages squares in Denmark.
In Køge you will also find the oldest half-timbered house in Denmark, from the year 1527 – it is also called “The fairy tail house“


Museum KØS  

One of the museum highlights is Bjørn Nørgaard’s sketches for the Queen’s tapestries at Christiansborg Castle, home of the Danish parliament. The 17 large-scale cartoons and a selection of the artist’s other studies for the tapestries are on display on the museum’s spectacular top floor, where they are accompanied by, among other things, films about the process behind the work